HOTEL AND RESTAURANT PROPERTY AT AUCTION. Located in Pisa, Val d’Arno – Italy. Next hearing for the sale on October 10, 2023, 6 p.m.

Base price €. 882,000.00. The minimum offer is the sum of 661,500.00 euros that the participant can offer and is 25% lower than the base price.

VIA PINETA, 11-Montopoli in Val d’Arno, Pisa (Italy)


Full ownership of a real estate complex for commercial and tourist-accommodation use.

Equally important, it has a restaurant, seven apartments, a courtyard, a swimming pool, and accessories.

Hotel Complex

Furthermore, the real estate complex is hilly and can be reached via the dirt road of “Pineta.”

It is in an optimal position for its intended use.

Despite being isolated and panoramic, a short distance keeps you away from the towns.

Halfway between the cities of Florence and Pisa, which are, however, easily accessible by car.

What’s more, in detail, there are:

1) a two-story main building above ground where a restaurant is on the ground floor and two apartments on the first one;

2) a two-story building above ground with a basement, where two ground-floor apartments and one on the first floor exist. Farmhouse use and a cellar in the basement;

3) another two-story is to the east of the previous one. Here there are two apartments on the ground and the first floor. Farmhouse use with an independent entrance and two external storage rooms on the ground floor;

4) courtyard surrounding the three buildings;

5) a swimming pool as from the pictures attached.

Also, the whole is registered in the Land Registry as non-surveyed common property and a small single-story building in reinforced concrete for warehouse use.

Please, drop by now and then to stay plugged in the process. Or contact this Office for advice and legal help to participate in the auction.

Italynlaw Law Firm.

Images: parts of the property at auction.


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