Legal representation and advice for companies and individuals

In this law firm, you will receive extrajudicial assistance in civil and administrative matters, assistance, and carrying out of defensive investigations with reference to criminal affairs.
The consultation can also be made through telematic connections or the consultation of material that will be made available on the web. Civil matters may also have aspects relevant to criminal and administrative law.
And in this Studio, the problems can be best treated with an interdisciplinary approach.

It will also be possible to obtain opinions, advice, and legal assistance on any problem falling within the area of Italian criminal, civil and administrative law, thanks to the decades and multidisciplinary experience of the Firm in the most important sectors of law.
To obtain excellent results in solving problems relating to your business and normal issues in Italy, it is important to treat them in the right and proper way and, above all, in compliance with the law of our Country.

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Only in the event that a trial is unavoidable, offers the Firm legal assistance and representation in Court service, by means of a special power of attorney.
In order to be defended with due competence and scrupulousness before the Italian first instance judges, the Italian Courts of Appeals and to the Higher Courts, in the last instance.

All the mentioned services will be detailed in a professional service contract also containing detailed information on the necessary advice foreseeable at the time of signing, in addition to the various viable options and useful information for a conscious decision on defensive initiatives to undertake, and will be preceded by a cost estimate.

Business law

The “Italy Global Legal Service” firm has successfully solved several cases relating to matters falling within the area of civil law, mainly focused on issues relating to the care or start of business in Italy

From business relating to real estate of a historical or non-historical nature, legislation on assets of historical or artistic-cultural interest, their purchase, and management, to companies, trade and e-commerce, legislation to protect privacy, contracts, environmental standards, and on the sustainability of private activities, green activity start-ups, import into Italy or export from Italy and transport by land and by sea.

Setting up of companies or business networks, credit recovery and credit guarantees, insolvency procedures, company law, and protection of consumers and savers

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