Legal help and advice for business, companies and individuals in Italy
Civil disputes can also have relevant aspects to criminal and administrative law. And in this study, problems can best be treated with an interdisciplinary approach by our diligent, driven, reliable, and experienced Teamwork.
In this law firm, thorough out-of-court assistance, assisted negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, contracts in civil and administrative matters are treated. To name but a few, defensive investigations service either in criminal, Intellectual Property or immigration, work matters is given by highly skilled and detail-oriented coworkers. 
The consultation may also be flexibly carried out through telematic links or access to the material that will be made available on this website.

It’s possible to obtain opinions, advice, and legal assistance on any problem falling within the area of Italian criminal, civil and administrative law, thanks to the decades and multidisciplinary experience of the Firm in the most important sectors of law.

To obtain excellent results in solving problems relating to your business and normal issues in Italy, like work, citizenship, credit protection, real estate and so on, they will be treated rightly and properly in compliance with the Law.

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Only in the event that a trial is unavoidable, offers the Firm legal assistance and representation in first to last  Court service, by means of a special power of attorney.
In order to be defended with due competence and scrupulousness before the Italian first instance judges, the Italian Courts of Appeals and to the Higher Courts, in the last instance.

All the mentioned services will be detailed in a professional service document also containing detailed information on the necessary advice, in addition to the various viable options and useful information for a cost-conscious decision on defensive initiatives.




COVID-19 Notice

In compliance with the legislation in force for the “Covid-19” pandemic control and preventative measures, We inform you that each interview preferably takes place by telephone. In the event of Your request to show up personally at the Office, please, notice the following obligations:

  1. respect at least one-meter distance from others and avoid any form of contact (such as handshakes or continuous docs passing);
  2. wear a mask and gloves or sanitize Your hands often, using the devices You will find at the doorway throughout Your stay on the premises;
  3. do not come to the Office with people not directly involved in the case taken in charge. Any other visitor will have to wait outside the Studio;
  4. do not enter the Office with an equal to or higher than 37.5 degrees temperature. Likewise, in case of cough, abnormal joint/muscle pain either exclusively or combined with fever or cough, conjunctivitis, taste and smell ailments;
  5. comply with the security management rules established by the owner;
  6. comply with the rules to control the Covid-19 spread and the hygienic measures to prevent it;
  7. do not hold back on the Office’s premises except for the time strictly necessary for the appointment.

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